Hey guess what, I know you still look at my Tumblr

If you don’t mask your IP I can see that shit. Some days I’m happy we are done other days I am angry that you refuse to acknowledge any good in me and our former relationship I see right through your self-anxious, juvenile, and vituperative attempts to justify a breakup based on my ineptitude following a relationship that died because you started trying a little too late. On those days I am relieved we are done…. God damn I’m pissed. Usually I have a healthy respect for what we had and am happy about it, but you always seemed to fuck up the good days.

I wish you weren’t such an ungrateful bitch.

I gave you every goddamn thing and loved you until one day I didn’t. Once I stopped loving you I made it clear. I didn’t fool you, I broke up with you. So don’t be a bitch and look at our history with a false eye. You are only hurting yourself by not admitting how good it was…. Bitch.